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Puiki sodyba konferencijoms, vestuvėms, jubiliejams, šeimos šventėms! Pasiilgusiems kaimiškos ramybės - tylios rytmečio valandos ir nuostabiausi saulėlydžiai


About us


   Starting January 2011, tourists are welcome to this 5 stork homestead. The authentic country houses, built from the logs debarked manually and located in the Aukštaitija ethnographic region of Lithuania, offer 20 rooms with en suite showers and toilets, furnishings and equipment, TV, and an extra guest bed. To protect the privacy and peace of the guests, all guestrooms are located away from the main building in which celebrations may take place. We can arrange a party for a group of up to 200 people. Accommodation is available for up to 120 people.

   "Padvaiskas Manor" is located 25 km from Vilnius (along the old Molėtai Road), near Širvys and Musia lakes. There is a sauna on the homestead. Guests may cook their own food. The homestead is 0.3 km away from the nearest shop.

    DID YOU KNOW... that the village of Paberžė (3 km away from the homestead) was the only site of bullfighting in Lithuania after in 18th century?